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May 10, 2022

E1 2022 Favorites: 'Anaïs in Love'

Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet's feature debut is a classic elder millennial fever dream

"Anaïs in Love" is a film about a young millennial woman named Anaïs, a whirling tornado of raw emotions and no filter. She’s working on a thesis on 17th century descriptions of passion but uhhhh doesn’t seem very passionate about it. She becomes involved with a man in his sixties named Daniel after breaking up with her partner (I forget his name, but he sucks and tries to make her feel guilty about getting an abortion, so fuck him). Through that affair, she becomes obsessed with his wife, Emilie, who is a writer. She first marvels over Emilie’s possessions … her Guerlain lipstick and her fancy face creams, her silk dress, while briefly staying at Daniel’s house when Emilie is out of town. Then, when she actually meets Emilie in person, by happenstance, things quickly escalate.

Here are some things we mentioned during the episode:

  • The Magnolia Pictures website with a list of places where you can watch "Anaïs in Love"
  • My website, Woman in Revolt, which is currently entrenched in a never-ending "Gilmore Girls" rewatch project
  • My review of "Anaïs in Love"
  • Donate to an abortion fund because wow, shit got bleak after we recorded this episode

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